Starbucks Travel Mugs FAQs

Ken asks…

where can I buy starbucks mugs and travel mugs in Montreal?

I love starbucks mugs and it's travel mugs, just arrived in Montreal, I would love to know where I can buy them.( including city mugs) and I hate Online shopping!

Also, which branch is the best one? best atmosphere, best staff,... ?
I have been to several starbucks here, none had the mugs or the other stuff for sale... I haven't tried the one at guy/Maisonneuve, though.

admin answers:

Starbucks is everywhere, so finding a travel mug there wont be so hard, the one on the corner of guy and de maisonneuve has a nice terrasse, but there are like 20 or so others.

Jane asks…

starbucks travel mugs?

I'd like to know how long a starbucks or regular travel mug can keep hot liquid warm? If it is possible, please link an article or a review on this.


admin answers:

I can't give you a an article, but I use a thermos (a bunch of different kinds) everyday. The starbucks ones are literally no different from the others, they just cost more and look better (maybe? I have a couple super cute Lily Pulitzer ones). Either way, the starbucks thermos keeps coffee warm for about an hour and a half meaning by the end of that hour.5, its lukewarm. I personally suggest getting a really good quality one that you take care of (hand wash, don't lose?). It will be worth the $35-40 if you need your coffee warm for around three hours and such.

On a different note, the starbucks thermos tends to leak quite a bit if you don't get the top *exactly* right. It's quite frustrating.

Hope this helps 🙂

Bob asks…

How do you unscrew the bottom of a starbucks travel mug to put pictures in it?

I have have travel mug from starbucks, it's black and it has silver lines around the bottom of it. Can i unscrew the bottom of it to put pictures behind the plastic? because i saw this travel mug at starbucks that said you could unscrew the bottom and put pics in it. Mine is the exact same Design, but it doesn't say anything about unscrewing the bottom, please help me.... thanks so much 😀

admin answers:

Oh dear, just call the store and ask............

Mandy asks…

Can I have my drink made in my Starbucks travel mug?

I got a great 16 ounce Starbucks travel mug as a gift and I'm wondering if I can bring it in and have them make my specialty drink (vanilla latte) in that rather than their cardboard cups?

admin answers:

Yes you can! In fact anyone can bring in a personal cup, Starbucks or not. It will usually get you a discount. At my store it was $.10 off a drink. Just tell them you have a personal cup. Great way to save some hard earned cash on your favorite drink and save the environment.

Jemima asks…

If you bring a Starbucks travel mug into a Starbucks, will they really give you a discount on your coffee?

Has anyone ever done that before?

admin answers:


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