How to order regular coffee at Starbucks

Starbucks is known for their "fancy" drinks like frappachinos, cappuccinos, and espressos. There are lots of different ways to order a plain/normal coffee at Starbucks. Regular coffee is sometimes known as drip coffee. Here's some steps to get you started:

1.  Decide on your size (small, medium, large - or in Starbucks language, short, tall, grande)

2.  Decide what roast. Most Starbucks will usually have a dark roast and a mild roast. Dark roast generally tastes a little stronger, but mild roast has a bit more caffeine.

3.  Decide if you want it black or with cream. If you want to add cream yourself, ask them to leave some room in your cup for that.

A standard cup of normal coffee is can generally be ordered by asking for any one of these:

Black coffee
Drip coffee
House coffee
Regular coffee