History of Starbucks

They do not call America the land of opportunity for nothing. Starbucks exemplifies everything that America is and more. Starbucks is an international coffee chain primarily based in Seattle, Washington and is currently the largest coffeehouse in the world. The chain sells every type of coffee, tea, snacks, mugs and coffee paraphernalia. Since its modest beginning, it is a household name like Coca Cola.

The original Starbucks was first opened in Seattle in 1971. The aim was to sell first rate coffee beans and equipment. The store continued to do well and remained in Seattle. The man behind the success of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, joined the company 11 years later and after a trip to Europe, suggested to his colleagues that they start selling coffee and espresso drinks. This idea sounded foolhardy at that time because coffee drinking was not an American thing. Americans only drank coffee at home. Why would they buy coffee outside? Well, Schultz went on to market his idea and started to sell coffee beverages and the rest as we know is history. In just a few years, Schultz achieved the American Dream. He built his coffee store into an empire. Starbucks coffee shops are found everywhere globally.

Over the years, Starbucks has added various menu items but coffee has always remained its strength. Today, Starbucks makes several varieties of beverages including brewed coffee, hot coffee espresso, tea and frappuccino.

The company has built on a solid tradition of maintaining their employees by offering them full benefits plus stock options. As of 2008, Starbucks was ranked the 7th best company to work for in the US.